How to Find the Best Dog Walker in San Jose

Daily walks and exercise are important for a dog in order to stay fit and healthy physically as well as mentally. Daily walks to open the door for socialization which is crucial to have a well-behaved dog. But sometimes because of the busy schedule or some other reasons, it becomes difficult to take the four-legged family member on a daily walk. In these situations, a professional dog walker can help you to fulfill your dog’s needs. We know you will like to go for the best Dog walkers in San Jose who can take care of your loving dog like you do. Though it is not difficult to hire a dog walker in San Jose you must consider these points before hiring one

•    Do proper research

Before hiring a dog walker to conduct proper research so that you can find a reputed agency in your neighborhood. If you are looking for dog Walkers in San Jose, you can consider Dog Fit Unlimited, an agency which is known for providing best Dog walkers in San Jose.

•    Conduct in-person interview

Before allowing the strangers to spend time with your furry friend, it is important to meet the prospective dog walker in person. With an in-person meeting, you will get to know more about the dog walker and the agency. You will also get to know whether your dog is comfortable with the dog walker or not. During the meeting, you will get an idea of how the dog walker interacts with your pet.
Usually, San Jose CA Dog Walkers prefer to meet the dog before starting their work so that the dog can become comfortable with them. If your pet is not comfortable with the dog walker or do not like the dog walker then move on and find someone else.

•    Ask for a test walk

Once you are satisfied with the dog walker, ask for a test walk which will be an opportunity to know how the dog walker going to handle your dog. Allow the dog walker to take the leash and check whether your dog is comfortable with the dog walker. During the walk watch the body language of your dog as well as the dog walker so that you can get to know whether they are comfortable with each other or not.

•    Discuss about the coverage in case of emergency

If you are hiring dog walker from an agency, there will be options available in case your dog walker is on leave. Ask the agency or the dog walker about the coverage during emergency situations when your dog walker is not able to come.

•    Make sure the approach of a dog walker to handle your pet is similar to yours

Before hiring the dog walker makes sure the dog walker is treating your four-legged friend like you treat.

•    How many dogs will walk with yours?

It is important to know whether the dog walker will take your dog separately on a walk or there will be more dogs. If it is a group walk there can be a problem of dogfighting.

•    Is your dog walker prepared for the emergency?

Make sure your dog walker know how to handle the emergencies.

  • Make sure to hire an insured, bonded, and licensed dog walker.

These are some steps which can help you to hire the best Dog walkers in San Jose. If you are looking for dog Walkers in San Jose do not forget to follow these tested and tried steps.