Difference between Venetian and Stucco Plastering

Plastering is required for almost all type of construction work. It is needed from a small repair to the construction of big buildings. Hence there is an endless demand for plastering companies everywhere in the world. This necessity of plastering signifies its importance as this is not a DIY task, only professionals can accomplish it. We C & C are a Venetian Plaster Contractor company who can provide a great makeover to your residence through our wide variety of plaster techniques.
Venetian Plaster Contractor

Two major types of plasters are the Venetian and Stucco about which we shall discuss here.

The origin

The origin of the Venetian plastering technique used in the USA can be traced back to the old Romanian days in Italy. So, from there it spread to other parts of the world. It was basically developed to augment the beauty of marble and granite. It is durable and can stand the taste of time. Similarly, stucco is also a durable and beautiful plaster technique that is used both interior and exterior decoration of a house. It is actually a very fine quality plaster used mainly in the coating of walls and in the restoration of architectural buildings.

The difference is in the materials

  • The Venetian plaster contains marble dust which offers a great finish to any structure. It is typically used in tile, wood, drywall, brick, and paints. The modern-day Venetian plaster contains synthetic materials. This kind of plaster can be useful for both interior and exterior of a building. It is eco-friendly and prevents the formation of bacterial growth like molds in houses.
  • On the other hand, the stucco is made up of traditional cement which combines hydrated lime, clean sand, and water etc. Usually, it cannot resist the growth of bacteria. However, nowadays, some manufacturers have started putting some additives in it to prevent bacteria. It is directly applied to the stone, brick and other surfaces. Its application requires several layers of thin plastering. This kind of plastering varies in nature as different colors are applied from surface to surface.

Stucco plastering is popular in homes in the bay area’s which have a smooth texture. A variety of stucco techniques can be seen in these houses. We are a Stucco Contractor in San Jose Ca with a good reputation. If you want to maximize your stucco repair, you should come to us.

As you can see, Venetian and Stucco are just two different types of plaster and there is no any great variety of difference existed between them.

Spending on quality plaster is profitable for homeowners

Good plastering adds value to a property. Home improvement schemes are a way to add value to a property. If you have a modular kitchen or a spacious well-decorated bathroom, the price of your house will naturally shoot up.

The importance of plastering

The role of plastering is significant in the field of home improvement. People like to renovate their house and hence the demand of plastering continues. In plastering, there are numerous works involved and only a professional company can handle that. All the homeowners look for professionals who can provide good quality work but in a faster manner. All they want is a good finish and a prompt service. If you are looking for a Venetian plaster contractor in your locality, you can rely on us for a high-quality service.