How animal lovers avoid being totally depressed

Anyone who works to help the less fortunate does an incredibly hard job. But when the less fortunate are so unfortunate that many are not even considered part of society, the work can seem unbearable.

Coston answered this question, from a fellow animal advocate: “Given all the horrible things you should find on a regular basis, how do you maintain mental health and optimism?

Is daily life with all the animals in the happy ending?  That is often my biggest challenge, dealing with the dark world in which many animals live.

We improve with this every year, I and all my staff fight against depression, it’s not constant but it comes in waves, it’s a constant battle, but the reward in the sanctuary is to see how the animals that are so terrified come alive and be the individuals that deserve to be, to see that these personalities come out hidden by fear.

I decided to ask animal lovers and defend how they avoid exhaustion while fighting for animals so they can continue to help.

The president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, Gene Bauer, told The Dodo that he continues “thinking about the positive”. From veterinarians to vegans to heads of animal rights organizations, the answers came.

Have interests outside of animal issues.

For me, it is important that you have interests outside of problems with animals. I work a lot on animal issues, but I also have hobbies, friends, activities that have nothing to do with animal rights. I think this gives a balance that allows me to continue doing this work.

Also, I think the perspective is really important. We can’t make the world vegan overnight, but we can affect the people in our sphere. If I’m talking to someone who is not interested in animal issues, I let it be okay. Not everyone is ready at the same time.

There are many, many people who are open to this information and on the verge of making changes. I focus on them.

I focus on being positive. I think that humanity is basically good and wants to do good things. From that angle, it allows me to feel positive. I think that people who only think about the bad things that are happening sometimes feel overwhelmed.