How to deal with flat roof blisters

Flat roofs are the most common and basic roofs offered by the construction industry. The technique is very old and has been exercised in the history of construction. The roof is put together by adding a few layers of tar and felt all together. The equation on which the roof works is simple, the insolation it requires is provided by the felt sheeting and the strength is given by the tar, in some case additional felt is added to attain a thick and solid layer of roof. If you have been facing the leakage a lot, hire a good flat roof repair to handle the situation.

The flat roofs are the most common residential roof as and are chosen by the homeowners who want to erect a roof in lesser time and are tight on budget. If you are experiencing a continuous on the roof at one point or another, the best way will be to call professionals for flat roof replacement, but if you can’t following are some points to follow for an effective roof repair.

Find out the damaged point:

It easy to locate the damaged pint in the flat roofs because you can see the layers of felt and tar if from one place a chunk of tar is missing or felt has gone thin or worst, has holes in it the leak will appear right underneath that point. Check the roof from inside, carefully scanning the whole portion. Take a step ladder and pay attention to the outré side of the roof as well. If the damage is visible, gauge the magnitude of the problem. If the hole or the damage is big, again, the roof needs to be dealt with by roofing contractors.

Locate the blister:

Since tar binds the layers together, it is important for the carbon to stay intact. But because the felt or isolation allows water to seep in, the blister may occur in the layer. Check to see if the layers are intact. The huge blisters may not be visible at first but if you pay attention to the lumpiness, you will easily locate where water has been kept. Usually the professional contractors for Roof installation & repair Atlanta GA don’t charge much, so call a guy before you start doing it.

Pop open the blisters:

With the help of a construction knife or saw, slice the blister from the top and peel out both of the sides. Doing so, you will provide the water away to flow out. Once the water is flown out of the blister it will become easy for you to treat the damaged area.

Rent a blow torch and add a flame spreading nozzle to it, heat the moist area from far to get rid of the stubborn moisture and let the surface dry. Once the damaged area is fixed, you can patch the damaged area with tar and felt. Keep in mind that both tar and insolation is highly flammable and you can’t heat both the layers from near. Keep a reasonable distance between the torch and the roof. In case of an emergency call Residential Roofing Service to deal with the damage.

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