Why should Bad credit holders choose direct lenders?

In case you are wondering whether you should be opting for a bank or a lender to get the loan from, you first need to look at your credit score and history. In this blog, we will understand why bad credit holders should turn to direct lenders instead of a bank.

1. Almost guaranteed loan approval

Unlike banks, for instance, when the borrowers avail ‘12-month loans from direct lenders with bad credit, the lender can grant the loan depending on the toughness of their low credit history. However, one can be assured to get a loan as long as he or she fulfills the basic criteria.

2. Faster loan process

The loan verification process that could take up to 7 days to 14 days in a bank can be cut short to merely 24 hours when one approaches a direct lender. So, in case you are in need of urgent cash or loan amount, a direct lender is the best choice.

3. Multiple plans for credit improvement

If you do not have a credit score at all and you are specifically looking for 12-month loans direct lenders, you might still get it or get a customized version. The personalization of loan deals that direct lenders offer can get you the deal suitable for both – your requirements and your financial conditions.

4. Additional services

Getting a loan is very simple if you know the process, however, for those who are struggling to understand the fundamentals, there are several lenders available in the online market who offer complimentary loans and financial advice to the applicants. This could make a huge difference in your lending experience and help you understand all the general aspects of it.

5. Round-the-clock availability

Banks, both public and private, have specific working hours in which only you can connect with their representatives, however, with direct lenders, the 24×7 client response system enables the borrowers to get in touch with the client representatives whenever they deem fit.


Although banks may sound and are mostly considered more authentic and reliable as compared to the direct lenders but with its own set of advantages, the audience of direct lenders is on an exponential rise, and it does not seem to drop any time soon.


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