Cash for Gold: – Evolution of jewelry and Jeweler’s business

evolution of jewelry

Jewels were always part of the culture of humanity. This fact is known more than one hundred thousand years ago, from the moment we have knowledge that human beings began to wear clothes and tools. The materials used at the beginning were produced through the materials available at the time. The stones, the feathers of the birds, the very bones of the animals that they hunted, the shells of the sea, the wood and even the obsidian, considered like a semiprecious stone, were elements used for the manufacture of jewels.

The jewels have been transformed over time, fashion and even social changes. Those traditional pieces of jewelry we knew, where only precious stones and gold played a leading role, have evolved to unleash an emerging market of contemporary and author jewelry that explores new materials, styles and designs, and offers to the customer a variety of proposals for all tastes.


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Each piece we use says a lot about our style and shows a little about who we are, that’s why here we leave you with a variety of proposals so that your jewels can be the protagonists of your looks during this season.

With the advent of digital tools and social networks, brand marketing is transforming customer behavior, and the jeweler needs to find new ways to work, Testimony of Gold Buyer.

Which are, for you, the most important changes in your business?

These are primarily the modes of consumption. When customers want a product, they no longer have the reflex to go see their jeweler to be advised. Many will first learn about the Internet, when they do not buy directly, then they come to the store to reassure themselves about their choice or for a service like a dimension. Our role of product information has decreased, and our website acts as a showcase especially for young people. On the other hand, the customer needs more service, repair or even particular manufacturing, hence the interest of having a small workshop with the shop, to put in place strategies to bring in the barge and make him know these services and products.

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Faced with this evolution of the profession, can a traditional jeweler stay isolated?


It seems difficult to me today, the world is moving fast, one must constantly be informed of the news of the profession, new trends, and products to success. This is the interest of the groups, to meet regularly with colleagues, exchange information. The more we are, of different regions and the more the practices are different, to meet in a group helps a lot not to remain isolated and to find answers to our questions more easily.


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Are relations with brands still delicate?


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Unfortunately yes and I would say that it is as difficult to have brands in store that can escape them as their sales system is well crafted. Indeed, some brands impose a diktat in terms of quotas to take in stock and sell, and their margins are low. But all jewelers are not far from having the means to implement them, nor are they certain to be able to make the necessary turnover to keep them. In addition, some make advertising campaigns that impose their mark in the minds of customers, so that this brand becomes almost a prerequisite to entry into the shop of Cash for Gold in Noida. They also influence the design of stores. Currently, the trend is to have corners of brands whose presence is clearly displayed outside because their notoriety is sufficient to bring the customer in shop and for some even to retain it. The profession of a Gold buyer in Delhi, like many others, has become more dependent on a technological environment where the circulation of information plays a key role.


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