The Basics of Wine

What is a wine?

Wine is a beverage that is made from fermented is alcoholic. It is made from grapes and yeast. Different varieties of grapes and yeast produce different types of wine. Yeast converts the sugar in the grapes into ethanol, heat and carbon dioxide by consuming it. Grapes from which the wine is made are small, sweet, contain seeds and have thick skin. There are over 1300 varieties of grapes that are used for the commercial wine production but only a hundred varieties make around 75 percent of the world vineyards.

 The Taste of Wine

The flavor of the wine is unique and the facets the help in making its taste unique are sweetness, acidity, tannin, alcohol and aroma compounds that are produced in fermentation.

Acidity: Wine lies on the acidic side of the pH scale ranging from 2.5 (that is lemon) to as 4.5 (that is Greek yogurt). Wine tastes as tart.

Sweetness: sweetness ranges from no sugar at all to sweet like a maple syrup. The wine that does not have sweetness id termed as a dry wine.

Alcohol: The taste of alcohol is palate-coating and spicy. The average range of wine alcohol is 10% ABV to 15% ABV.

Tannin: the astringent quality of the red wine is because of the Tannin.

Aroma Compounds: each variety of grape has aroma compounds at a different level. This is why some buy Whiskey Glass Decanters have a smell of flowers and others smell like berries. The aroma of wine also depends on the aging factor. Red wines aged in oak make a vanillin flavor. Oxidation and aging help in producing unique flavors to wine including dried fruit, floral flavors, and nuttiness.

Different styles of wine:

The nine primary styles of wine are light-bodied white wine,full-bodied white wine, aromatic white wine, sparkling wine, rose wine, dessert wine, full-bodied red wine, medium-bodied red wine, and light bodied white wine.

Develop Your Sense of Taste:

Following procedures will help you in developing the right taste of wine according to your senses.

Tasting Method: The 4-step tasting method helps you to identify a wine’s flavor and tastes more accurately. The steps are look,smell, taste and conclude.

i)    Look: you can figure out whether the wine is of your type or not even before drinking it. All you need to do is to look at the hue and intensity of the wine and the tears dropping at the sides of the glass when you swirl it as they show the level of alcohol in the wine.

ii)    Smell: there are so many aromatic compounds in wine. We can easily isolate the wines by identifying aromas. By identifying the smell, you can get a clear impression of wine before tasting it.

iii)    Taste: focus on the flavor and fell that how the wine feels in your mouth when you taste it.Swish it in your mouth to make sure that you get the full effect of it before you swallow.

iv)  Conclude: After tasting smelling and looking at the wine, you are ready to consider the quality of the wine.

Taking Accurate Notes: take accurate notes while tasting a wine.

Comparative Tasting: taste the wines in a vacuum and then compare them next to each other. Try to taste 2-4 types of wines belonging to the same theme at once.