14 Essential Educational Apps for Teachers!

The modern classroom rule does not consider using smartphones in class a punishable offense. This is because today it’s used as a great tool to expand the learning horizons of the students, with the use of various educational apps. Not only have they made the lives of teachers easier by reducing their burdens, but they continue to bring out the best potential of the students, even outside the classroom walls. Some of the most popular education apps that are a must-use for teachers have been listed here!

  1. Google Classroom

The Google suite for education provides us with numerous interesting apps that are absolutely free of cost. Many assignment help online websites suggest that these can be used by teachers in the classroom, for distributing and grading assignments to the students, reducing the workload on the teachers from doing such tedious tasks It also enables the teachers to store classroom material; such as student records in the Google drive that has a lot of space for large data storage.

A lot of times, teachers forget to bring their material to the classroom and this app helps with just that. All you have to do is upload your documents here and then project it in the classroom for lectures, whenever required. The app also allows debating and other interesting activities like speeches and teamwork projects to be made with each assignment, thereby, making learning much more fun!

  1. TED-Ed

This is one of the most widely popular apps among teachers in the world, with an estimated 250,000 users. It enables the students to spark great presentation and communication skills with a variety of activities present here, as stated by the cheap assignment help bloggers. The online platform here allows engaging content to be used when teaching a certain topic; such as relevant videos and pictures. Watching interactive videos not only helps them to learn at a faster pace but also develops critical thinking skills in the student.

Cognitive learning is an integral segment of the modern student, who not only requires a good set of knowledge regarding the topics but must also have a mind sharp enough to analyze and observe all that is taught!

  1. Teach Learn Lead

The process of learning requires an exchange of ideas to upgrade the learning experience for students. For this reason, a networking system that connects teachers from various schools is a great idea to find the weaknesses and strengths in the education system.

The “Teach Learn Lead” app aims to bridge gaps between various teachers, much like a social media platform. This helps them to make lesson plans from experienced teachers in more effective and tested ways.

The UK assignment help online website believes that all teachers who have common subjects can discuss issues related to their subjects and work together to solve them. The app is also used for the development of polls where the teachers get to learn from each other!

  1. Slack

There are countless times when a student requires the teacher’s assistance in understanding a certain topic in class, but considering the short classroom hours, they’re unable to do so. “Slack” app is one such app that is a great messaging tool app that’s used by the college students and professors to stay in touch.

Using this app, you can message your teacher regarding any query you have regarding what’s taught in the classroom. Moreover, it also enables teachers to host text-based office hours on the platform when absent from the classroom.

This is also a great source to send homework and assignment reminders to all students in the classroom or to make last-minute announcements.

  • Animoto

Learning goes beyond just reading textbooks and memorizing them. When it involves something like creating your own videos to tell stories, learning is automatically made fun for you!

Animato is an app that does just that and serves as a great tool for all visual learners. This allows you to use a powerful digital storytelling tool on the iPad or web to utilize your own creativity and work with individuality.

Animato gives the feasibility to add interesting themes, music, images, and audios to the video, in order to allow the students to play with their imaginations as much as they want. The finalized video can then be shared on other social media platforms like Twitter or directly send it to your online portfolio in the easiest way possible!

  • Evernote

There are many handouts that need to be given to the students that not only waste time but also paper. With the help of this great t note-taking app called “Evernote”, teachers can simply share all their projects with the students through e-notebooks present here. It also helps the teachers to post their daily assignment for students here.

This app also allows to keep a record of all assignments given to students and thus, British essay writers UK based websites state that it removes the possibilities of forgetting to assign work or misplacing important documents. Previously, students would receive the handouts from their teachers and trash them, but with this app, the environment is also saved from not requiring paper!

  • Additio

Imagine if teachers didn’t have to keep log books for tracking the records of such a large number of students? Well, with Addito management of student data has never been easier!

This app enables the teachers to mark the students’ attendance and manage their grade book with great ease. The apps also allow you to get performance analytics so that you can know how fast the students are learning, which students need extra attention and which exact topics are most difficult to understand.

Not only does this free the teachers from carrying huge log books and enter data into them every day, but it is also extremely efficient and eases you to read than complex log books.

  • Seesaw

There are countless cases when parents are unable to be fully involved in the academic lives of their children. Thus, they remain unaware of their child’s performance in class due to their busy schedules.

The “seesaw” is fundamentally an app that allows the student’s portfolio to be uploaded and their progress to be checked by the parents. This is an extremely time-saving and efficient method of staying in contact with the teacher and finding the lacking of the student to work on. It’s also used by the teachers as a tool to gather all relevant information for the annual parent-teacher meetings!


Who said learning can’t be fun? At least KAHOOT didn’t! Teachers wish to make their classes engaging for the students so that the learning experience is much more than just memorizing thick books and writing down long sentences. Sadly, not all teachers have the resources or lack the creativity to make the topic of discussion interesting. With KAHOOT, however, this is not the case.

This app turns a boring lesson into a fun game to motivate learning in students. All you’ll have to do here is simply enter a list of prepared questions and answers. The app will then instantly turn it into a playable game with a web browser and your students’ can them download and play it with each other!

  • Doceri

Having a giant whiteboard everywhere you go is just not humanly possible but what’s one thing we always have in our bags or pockets? A digital tab or phone!

Doceri is an app that uses the touchscreen feature and portability to turn it into a useable whiteboard, anytime and anywhere. It also allows you to annotate the material as you begin teaching so that it’s much more interactive for the students.

The best part is that you can also record the things taught on the board and then simply upload it so that the students can download and learn whenever they please.

  • Epic unlimited books for kids

Students are always on a lookout for books and rightly so. However, the expenses that come with buying them cannot be afforded by all parents. The epic unlimited books for kids app renders you free from such worries and gives teachers in America and Canada free access here.

The app consists of almost 15,000 children books of many genres so they don’t have to step out to the store to purchase them. Not only this; a special feature here also includes lesson ideas for teachers and videos for the ease of students.

  • Dropbox

This is already a widely popular app that is used by all individuals in the world. For teachers, however, this serves great purposes in making the management of data easier. It allows you to store presentation photos, assignments, and videos worth large data in one single space. The app also allows you to create and edit MS Office files on your digital devices.

If there’s any data that you’d like to share with your students, you may send them a link and let them view it without having to clutter their inbox.

  • Pocket

Education must not be limited to the classroom and the teacher should always have the means to stay in contact with the students. Pocket is an app that allows you to instantly save articles and videos that you may find relevant to the topic you’re teaching. You may also save videos online and view them offline in the classroom.

The same articles could be taught through books but the layout and text here are so captivating that students enjoy what they’re being taught. The user experience has been made great with the easy-to-view layout that enhances its use.

  • ClassDojo

This isn’t like your basic classroom-management platform. Where others are concerned about gold stars and charts, this app gives the feasibility to teachers to emphasize positive feedback. This allows you to elaborate on the behavior of your students with comments such as “working hard” or “participating.”

“Classdojo” also lets you send the parents, public and private messages regarding their child’s progress, and if they desire to do so, they can view their child’s feedback in real-time!

The use of apps in the classroom has definitely proved to be a tool in creating greater engagement in the classroom environment. They have expanded the learning capabilities of the students beyond daily school hours and thus, opened doors to academic excellence in many ways. Therefore, using these apps can surely be in the best interest of the students and teachers alike!