5 Tips to wear Different T-Shirts with Different Body Styles

The decent and comfortable outfit can make anyone relax and look stylish. Wearing a t-shirt with proper attire can enhance the look and style of men. But wearing a t-shirt which fits with your body shape is the essential part. Although, retailers sell t-shirts on sizes like small, medium and large if you know the shape of your body you will get a perfect fit t-shirt and identification of body fit t-shirt is that its seam is perfectly sit on the joints of your shoulder and arm.

Following are some tips to wear different men t-shirts with different body types to look classy.


Baggy T-shirt

For past few years trend of purposely wearing baggy t-shirts is in the fashion world.  This type of t-shirts are for those who love to wear more comfortable and relaxed outfits. Buying an over-sized t-shirt which is too large and make you look big than your original body shape is not a good fashion sense. For instance, wearing a normal fitting t-shirt which is too large that it might be look like a long dress and making your legs appear to be small.  While shopping you must check the label if it’s baggy or not. This type of t-shirt with skinny or slim fit trousers will look stylish and graceful. This outfit can be acquire by skinny or sometimes for regular size men because as mention earlier baggy t-shirts are selected by those who love comfortable outfit.



Over-sized T-shirt

Over-sized t-shirt doesn’t mean t-shirt which are big than your actual size or fitting. The t-shirts which have normal fit but long in size are consider in this category. Just like baggy t-shirts these can also be wear with slim fitted trousers or jeans and by skinny or regular shaped men. But it look more attractive to those men whose upper body is bigger than legs. It can be wear with hoodies or jacket in winter.


Fitted T-shirt

These are the t-shirts which perfectly fit with your body shape. It won’t be too big or too small, if we wear too small fitted t-shirt than it will highlighted some fat or stockiness of body. On other hand if you buy too big fitted t-shirt than it will give different look and affect the verticality of the outfit. A t-shirt with vertical strips can create sense of height with natural lines of body and can be wear with regular or slim fit trousers with similar color. There is a sub-category in fitted t-shirt which is called muscle fit t-shirt. These are skin fit t-shirt with elastic fiber for the muscular men.  If you are working out in gym and pumping some iron and don’t want to hide it than these tees will show your hard work. Due to elastic fiber it fit perfectly and highlight your muscles.



V-Neck T-shirt

These tees are cool in style and have some detailing on it which make them more attractive. The most amazing thing about these tees is that they came in different varieties. The length of the V-collar depends upon how much chest you want to show. Wearing a baggy V-neck t-shirt look rather odd so the ideal length of V-collar is taken short mostly. The large- V-neck collar is probably for skinny or muscular men.



Plain and similar color T-shirt

Wearing a plain and similar color t-shirt can look more elegant and classy on any body type. A printed t-shirt look cool but at some extent. Wearing a t-shirt with some or quote or interesting fact printed on it is acceptable but having a t-shirt with random tattoos or fully printed with some pictures look weird or damage your style and look. Similar color or bearable printed t-shirts came in every style so it can be wear by any body type men.