Get yourself ready for Iftar Party with Pakistani Lehenga

Ramadan is the month of sacrifice and penance. But following Ramadan, Eid will arrive. The most joyous occasion throughout the year. And on this special occasion, what you need is a beautiful attire that will reflect the festive mood. For this Eid, select something that will be both traditional and trendy simultaneously. The following list will help you select the perfect lehenga to turn heads at the next iftar party:

Peach coloured heavy embroidered Pakistani lehenga: Lehengas of this kind are both trendy and traditional. The heavy embroidery work lends the traditional touch while the peach colour falls perfectly into the pastel colour shade. The lower portion or the skirt can be flowy with lots of fabric, which will add to the volume and make it more dramatic.

Charcoal and zardozi: This is the eternal combination that never fails to impress. Be it the soothing charcoal colour that totally separates you from the rest of the crowd, or the beautifully done zardozi work that is both intricate and meticulous. You might add touches of vibrant colours like flower motifs to brighten the whole look. You should not go overboard with jewellery because the zardozi work provides enough bling!

Kurta and lehenga: This has been a long standing tradition in pakistani fashion to team up a kurta with a skirt. It is unique and native to Pakistan. You can opt for the traditional crimsons and reds or go a different route by selecting a colour like peach or muted orange. Because it is a full body clothing, there is ample safety of one’s modesty.

Anarkali lehenga choli: You must have heard of an anarkali churidar, but an anarkali lehenga choli is the most recent addition to traditional wardrobe. The outfits are glamorous without revealing skin. They are perfect for summer weddings or Eid. You can opt for heavy embroidery or subtle designs, but whatever you select, it will be worth investing in.

Mix and match: This is the time to play bold and try out new styles. If you do not want to be too adventurous, you can start with something small, like playing with the colour scheme of the attire. You can play with the different hues of a single colour, or go all out by selecting absolutely different colours that end up complimenting each other when teamed together.

Dull colours work: Who would have thought that someone would have the bright idea of selecting beige as the colour of their wedding attire? But trust me, beige works. A beautiful beige Pakistani lehenga choli with self coloured embroidery is a stunning style statement for any event, be it Iftar or Eid. and if you throw on a contrasting dupatta like something in red, you will be the talk of party for sure.

Eid or a wedding is such an extravagant occasion that people tend to spend a lot of money on. Investing in a Pakistani bridal lehenga that you look best in should also be looked into with an eye for details.