How Expensive is a Hawaiian Vacation?

In Hawaii, fauna and flora team up to offer one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. This American state, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, extends its natural wealth over 2,500 km². Volcanoes, born from the depths of the ocean have shaped the islands to which today is their high uniqueness: rugged landscapes, cliffs, waterfalls, rainforest, and magnificent beaches! Among the main islands of this archipelago, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Big Island, are particularly worth visiting.

The weather is pleasant all year long, and you can only succumb to its immense beaches, its dream climate and the warm welcome of its inhabitants. Hawaii is a small paradise on Earth, but a paradise that can be expensive. Here are tips for visiting Hawaii without breaking the bank.

The cost of a vacation in Hawaii can vary a lot, depending on the choices you make. From transportation to living space, there are costly alternatives and cost-effective alternatives. The cost of your vacation depends on many factors.

Cost of Air Tickets

Going to Hawaii requires a plane ticket. The cost of a ticket may fluctuate depending on the season and the region of destination. A ticket to Hawaii costs between $400 and $800. The average cost of a plane ticket would be approximately $500 per person. In addition to this, you can book your flight tickets to Hawaiian using Paytm Cashback to get great offers.

Choose the Timing Carefully

Like all destinations, there are periods of the year more or less expensive. For Hawaii, it is considered that the least expensive periods for flights are usually the last weeks of January (January being the worst month with December in terms of price), February, May, September, and October.

We advise you to go there in February, it is the moment where you will be able to see humpback whales. September is also worth it because it is the period where is the festival Aloha, a classic festival in Hawaii.

Good Accommodation

Obviously, the first reflex is perhaps to choose to stay in a resort, it comes to $ 200 per night or more. However, looking for one can find alternative accommodation options, such as renting a condo for a week (from $ 100 a night) or even cheaper, a hostel. There is one in Waikiki and one in Honolulu, prices start at around $ 30 a night. There is also always the option of camping in Hawaii.

Stay on an Island

The different islands are more distant from each other than we sometimes imagine and wanting to visit them all can quickly increase your budget. We advise you to stay on a single island, or limit to 2 and not to take the plane for travel, but rather the boat.

Hospitality is Expensive

The restaurants charge more for food in the evening, that’s how it is. So prefer lunch for a hearty meal, but at a lower cost, and eat light at dinner. There is also the option of street food.

Otherwise, there is always the option of grocery shopping to prepare meals yourself. Beware, however, the price of groceries that could rise quickly if you do not look at prices carefully. Most grocery stores have 2 prices: one for cardholders who are members and one for those who do not have this card. Moreover, you can book hotels in Hawaiian using Oyo Coupons with discounted prices.

As you may have guessed, cardholders have access to more discounts. So, as soon as you arrive on the island, do not hesitate to become a member of one or other of the grocery chains to save on food.

Long Live the Bus

While renting a car will obviously give you the greatest freedom to explore the island, it will increase your budget. If it is tight, choose the bus. The service in question was aptly named The Bus, you find on the site all the information you need to move.

Eat like a Local

The best way to not pay too much and avoid being fooled is to act like a local. Flee the touristy places that practice exorbitant prices and especially do like locals. One of their favorite and simple activities is for example to picnic on the beach rather than go whale watching or do a zip line descent.
Shop your fruits and fish at local markets. There are restaurants both authentic and inexpensive. Ask around and search the internet before rushing into the first restaurant you come across.

It is very possible to take a cheap tour of Hawaii. All that is needed is research and careful planning of itinerary. On the internet, package tours are starting from as little as $900. It is an excellent spot for a young adventurer to travel to and surf the enormous waves or for a romantic honeymoon.

Unless you are visiting upscale restaurants, Hawaii is not much more expensive than the mainland US. Of course, any place in the world that depends on tourism for the economy has slightly higher prices, but a trip to Hawaii can be comfortably made for $1000 to $1500.