Features of Bosch Washing Machine

The Bosch washing machines have enough programmes to cover the needs of everyone in the family; from soiled children’s clothes to daily lightly soiled work clothes. Bosch produces one of the best top loading washing machines which have a delay timer of up to 24 hours so the machine can be pre-set to start its wash programme when it is most convenient for the user.

The functions of all the buttons are straightforward and the users will quickly get used to what each of them does. The super quick 15 minutes wash programme is designed to wash and spin in only 15 minutes, perfect for those hardly soiled clothes from work for instance.

Otherwise, for dirty clothes that need efficient and deep cleansing then there are longer programmes that will devote longer periods to wash and rinse the clothes.

Multiple Programmes

While some of the programmes may seem long, they remain very efficient in terms of water usage and energy consumption, totalling reduced costs compared to other similar machines. Whatever the material of which the clothes are made, there is a wash programme for them; cotton, wool, synthetic or mixed. There are programmes that facilitate ironing and there is a hand wash programme for delicate clothes. Moreover, there are many temperatures to choose from starting from 30degreesC going to 90degreesC, with intermediates of 40C and 60C, to suit all types of materials.

Working Functionalities

The 3D Aqua Spa Jets in the Bosch washing machines are innovative in that they spray the clothes to make them soak up the water and detergent faster. The soap gets to work faster too and the clothes are cleaned more thoroughly. After the spin cycle, the average moisture level remaining in the clothes is around 53%, making it easy for the clothes to dry faster. When the wash cycle is over, there is a sound that lets the user know.

Often, in many washing machines, the detergent drawer gets clogged with dried detergent especially if washing powder is used. The Bosch WAQ283S0GB has a function to self-clean this drawer, taking the hassle out of having to do it manually. This intelligent washing machine uses exactly the right amount of water for every load, greatly reducing wastage of precious water and bringing the costs of using it down. The Bosch WAQ283S0GB achieves this with its flow-through sensor for optimum water use each and every time. The WaveDrum is a specially designed drum to achieve efficient yet gentle washing, an innovation from Bosch.


This freestanding white washing machine looks good and performs well both in terms of water and energy usage and in excellent results. The Bosch washing machines are of the best front loading and built under type with a left door hinge. With variable spin speeds, the user can choose which one is best suited to the type of clothes that they are washing. Although the size might seem very regular at first glance, it is in fact surprisingly spacious inside. Many other models and brands offer a 30-minute wash cycle, which is usually their quickest one but this model, with its 15 minutes super fast cycle, stands out and many users will find this function to be their favourite one.