How to buy a washing machine?

Washing machine is indeed a very helpful tool in washing clothes and drying it up in hours. But deciding which model would be suitable is not an easy task. So lets see how to decide which washing machine would be best to purchase in India in 2019.

Source: Best Washing Machines in India 2019


The first thing that should be take into account is the capacity of the washing machine. A 6 KG washing machine would be suitable to wash clothes for family with 2 to 3 members where as 18kG washing machine would be suitable to wash clothes for a family with 12 to 15 members. Larger capacity washing machine is going to cost accordingly.

Load Type:

In two variations washing machines are available. One is front load washing machines. And another one is top load washing machine. Front load washing machine has door at the front where as top load washing machine has door at the top. Front load washing machine occupies less space compared to top load washing machine and also consumes less water than top load washing machine.

Function Type

In terms of function, washing machines are available in two category. One is semi automatic washing machine and another one is fully automatic washing machine. Semi automatic washing machine do the washing part completely automatic where as we have to collect the washed cloth and put inside the dryer manually. But in fully automatic washing machine we have to do put clothes and detergent thats it. And rest thing it will do.


So consider these three prime factors capacity, load type and function type before purchasing any washing machines.

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