Writing a Dissertation Causing You Insomnia?

During the time of university your whole living, eating, socializing and sleeping schedule changes. First you used to have perfect hours of socializing, enjoying your precious time with friends and family but starting off with university time is hard not manageable enough.

Being an adult is difficult. You carry lot of burden on your shoulders such as exams tension, projects and assignments, quizzes, to accompany family and friends.

This all sum up with more stress, depression and sleeping disorder. The common and most ever heard word is INSOMNIA.

Dissertation Disrupting Sleep Pattern

Yes, you heard it correct, many of you have face some day or the other with in your tight schedule, get to sleep a little less.

Some of you even do not know they are under insomnia phase. Many students like you and me has been through sleepless nights, dark circles and swelling eyes and fatigue surrounded with in you. What are the causes of student’s lack of sleep? Well if you ask it’s many.

But main reason when you get to have dissertation writing on your work list. Dissertation writing can be the main cause.

How? You get to know your semesters are about to be over and suddenly your teacher gave you dissertation writing.

You have almost 1 month to complete it. Obviously, you will sacrifice your sleep, your social gathering, you’re eating pattern will change dramatically. Dissertation writing is really hectic you need to sit for hours to complete the content. The dedicated law dissertation help sit for 4 to 5 hours each day, compromising their sleep to make a proper writing assignment of your choice.

What is Insomnia?

The most common health issue faced by the students INSOMNIA is a sleeping disorder where you do not get enough sleep, feel lousy and weak and could not fall asleep properly.

Well, talking about how much you have to sleep per day, 8 to 9 hours are idle however, 6 to 7 is acceptable.

There is no proper procedure or method defining how much you have to sleep. While some may require more sleeping hours and some less, it’s up to you how much you desire according to your busy schedule.

What does matter is how peacefully and relaxing your sleep should be. Good quality sleep is what you have to achieve.

Key Indicators of Insomnia

First of all, many of us do not know what insomnia is second of all, don’t know they are having insomnia and what cause it to happen. If you don’t know what are the symptoms of insomnia then how can you basically identify your problem.

To identify the key indicators whether you are under insomnia or not then let me explain you with points.

  • Fails to sleep properly
  • Waking up soon when you just go to bed
  • Waking up several times during your sleeping hours
  • Feeling lazy and dizzy during day time
  • Not being active or fresh after waking up
  • Sleeping late and waking early

If we consider the cause of this disorder then there are different activities and things which lead to insomnia. One of the few is.

Health Issues: Such as high level of stress, depression and tension.

Unhealthy Lifestyle: alcoholism, smoking, late night hangovers and caffeine addiction.

Atmosphere/Environment: changing positions while sleeping, uncomfortable bed, room temperature and noise pollution.

Medication: having heavy dose of antibiotics, epilepsy etc.

How to Handle Insomnia While Your Deadline is Near?

First you need to find what cause you insomnia if these things listed above are the problem then find ways to treat it. If not then dissertation writing is your main cause which leads to above symptoms.

No need to worry I am there for you. Finding a realistic approach to tackle your sleeping pattern back to normal, here are some tips you can implement. If your health issues are causing you more problems than Sociology dissertation help is the gate way to all your needs.

Plan Out Your Routine and Adhere to it  

The biggest mistake you as a student make to not meet up with your working schedule. Procrastinating, delaying your work in exchange of enjoyment is not good. This causes you insomnia. Why? Because you wasted your precious hours in socialising, gaming, hangovers not able to finish you dissertation and now your deadline is near.

Make a habit of working during day time, schedule your work hours and word count accordingly. Not just that creates a working environment more relaxing and peaceful so that concentration not gets disturbed. Students sleeping pattern get affected due some behaviour they adhere such as not setting routine work, not being systematic enough to meet targets. Most importantly, cause sleeping disorder from pressure.

Lighten-Up Your Atmosphere to Create Peace

Mood lighten make a big difference when you try to sleep. What if your room is like a baseball ground full of noises, messy floor, and wrappers, litter everywhere. How on earth you will sleep then. Bedroom is the place to rest, sleep and take a nap however, most of us; whole life is in this small room. We eat, drink, watch TV, hangout do all sort of stuff within this area.

Best way of lightening your room, make it a better place to sleep is to create a nice environment according to your need. Put on mild and dip lights that make you sleep earlier, make your bed position near your fan or air conditioner. Put on a light music to turn on your sleeping hormones.

Cut-off Your Unhealthy Intake

Try shifting you’re eating pattern into healthy eating. Healthy intake with vegetable, fruits, green juice makes your life fresh and fit. Flush out all your unhealthy activities such as being lazy for physical exercise, alcohol intake at regular basis, caffeine intake like tea, coffee. This all makes your sleeping pattern effected leads to being lazy, not fresh enough to do other activities. Health is your first priorities do not compromise it with university work. The healthy