Tips for Successful Move

Once the move is over with the help of House Removal Chelsea, there are several important steps to make to move successfully. Mainly administrative, they are necessary and fast to achieve. Once these steps are settled, you will only have to enjoy your new cocoon. Discover our practical advice to not forget anything and succeed your move.

Formalize your change of address
A move necessarily implies a change of address. It is therefore important to inform the various administrative authorities of your change of address. In addition to lost mail, you may have problems with taxes, registration, insurance, banking and registration if you do not officially change your address. How to do? Just declare your new address on the government website. Indeed, the change of address online allows you to realize a simultaneous declaration which will inform the services of the taxes, the post office, the social security, the pension funds, gray cards and energy.

Subscribe home insurance
When moving into a new home, it is important to remember the home insurance step. This is mandatory if you are a tenant and can avoid many problems. It allows you to insure your goods: television, household appliances, furniture, works of art, bike, jewelry … It also has the function to protect you and allow you to be compensated in case of disaster in the apartment or the house you rent. Thus, in case of fire, flood or degradation by a third party, your property and the rented home are covered. How to buy a home insurance? It’s very simple, just contact an authorized organization: bank, insurance agent, broker or insurance company. Nothing prevents you from contacting several different organizations to compare offers and choose the most advantageous. You can also choose the type and level of collateral you want to subscribe. The price of insurance, usually subscribed for one year and renewed each year, depends on your home and the protected property.

Anticipate the opening of energy and internet accounts
A successful move is a move without headache or bad surprise with one of the best House Removal. For that, do not hesitate to anticipate some steps to take before moving in. Nothing is more unpleasant than arriving in your new home and realizing that there is no heating, no hot water for showering, no electricity or gas for lighting and food. If, in addition, it is impossible to change the ideas and get distracted through an internet connection, so it could be that the move is not exactly what could be described as successful. To avoid frustrations, disappointments or arguments, nothing like anticipation. Our advice: consider opening energy accounts (gas and / or electricity) just before moving in. Thus, you are sure to be able to sit comfortably. Contact the energy suppliers and give them your new address and the date of your move. Regarding the internet and telephone connection, the principle is the same. You can contact the Internet and telephone providers, select the most interesting offer and adapted to your needs, and request an opening of the account at the latest on the day of your move.
These administrative procedures are often tedious and time-consuming. This is why we propose, beyond the removal of goods from point A to point B, free management of the transfer of energy contracts. We are thus removing an additional constraint for users who can benefit from an ever more complete service throughout the entire move, from packing boxes to their complete installation.

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