8 Non-Negotiable Skills Content Writers Need To Have

Writing is a dream job for everyone, but not all of them can do it. If you are making a career out of writing then congratulations. You may possess some of the skills which will be mentioned below. But to increase your line of work and even your productivity, you need to assess all the skills here. 

Content writing is a difficult job because there are a lot of things here which you have to attain. There are technical content writers who write about white papers. And then there are blog writers who write for entertainment or other niche related blogs. Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills that you are looking for. So if you want to become a content writer, then some skill sets should be set in your mind.

Skill sets you need to have to become a good content writer

Content writers as it is gets a lot of criticism from the clients? Or are you starting for the first time? Well, whatever you do, here are some skill sets which need to attain to become a good content writer. 

1. Adaptability

This is an obvious point here. If you are a content writer, then you have to be adaptable as well. If your tone and style do not fit the type of content that you are writing, then you need to change it. For example, different pages of a website have different content. The landing page does not contain the same material as the ‘About us’ page.

The skill of being able to shift from one personality to a contrasting personality while writing is a skill you absolutely need to have, for some projects you will need to write from 3rd persona while for some it would be a 1st person perspective which will matter, increase the scope of your work by adapting to various personalities.

2. Strong research skills

Well, well, if you are a content writer, then your strong research skills is what practically help you to build your career. Good research will help you to add some source to your content. Avoid fluff writing. Don’t dwell on content for far too long. Add credibility at the end of your book. Make sure that you put your trust to only the reliable sources onto the internet. Professional content writers will take the details, but they will inevitably change the word, keeping the meaning intact.

Only writing about what you know will decrease the scope & diversity of work you will do in the industry, the phenomenon of Learning Paradox is worth remembering here, The more you learn, the more there is left to learn. Keep researching & learning.

3. Understanding SEO

SEO is the key skill when it comes to online content requirement. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation is the best way you can stay at the top of the google search results. If you don’t understand SEO, then it will never help you to become a good writer. Make sure that you include the keywords in your content, trust with the Meta tags, and even the titles.

It’s only a plus if as a content writer you understand SEO because that remove the hassle from the part of client to educate you about SEO.

4. Create a name for yourself

Surviving in the industry as a content writer will be tough, the going only gets harder if you have not even established a name for yourself. You need to start putting together an impressive portfolio, create a variety of content and publish to prominent article sites like Hubpages & Medium these sites really help author establish a name for themselves.

Why stop there? go ahead and contribute to publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur & Huffpost to enter the league of elite writers.

5. Be focused

Make sure that you are always focussed. Writing things from all around requires a lot of focus for you. It is not easier to complete the tasks if you shift your attention all the time. So always understand how and what helps you to retain it. At times you may enter an uncharted territory know not what to write, all you research turns you to a dead-end you just don’t feel bought by the topic, what you need is to clear your head.

The early morning time is best, wake up at 5:30 AM Meditate for 15 Minutes and open the Google Docs, you will get ideas to fill the empty blank white space. 

6. Meet the deadlines

You have to keep a mental reminder of the periods of your work. Deadlines matter to a lot of content writers out there so if you cannot make it then it can be a bad reputation for your clients. Delivering high-quality content is essential. If you think that the deadline is short, then ask your client to extend it. Make sure that they are being soft with you.

The last thing you recruiter wants to add in his Google Calendar is adding reminders to remind content writers to keep up with deadline.

7. Communicate a lot

Always communicate with your clients. Do you want to sit around and do nothing while you sulk on your work? Well, a lot of well-versed content writers from all around will help you to understand that the key to communication is the best skill to become a good writer. If you let your customer know about your struggles, then ask them about it. It is better than keeping quiet and suffering from stress.  

8. Edit and Edit

Editing is a skill here. First drafts mark the content that you have written. If you want to become a good content writer, then you have to edit all the lines that you have written. Keep a check on the plagiarism report, proofread the article that you have written. All these will help you to become skilled. 

Are you struggling through your first content writing job? Well, don’t worry. These essential skills will help you to achieve the best. Always take care of the quality before delivering. If you have a low variety, then no client will make your work. So keep them in mind before you start writing.