Outdoor Artificial Putting Greens – Why is it Better than Natural Grass?

The outdoor artificial putting greens are similar in look and appeal as the original and natural bent grass greens. In fact, if bought from a good quality manufacturer, they will customize the putting greens with undulations and breaks making it ideal for your putting practises at the backyard of your home. In order to motivate you to practise professionally, you can even have the fringe cuts designed as per your choice. The outdoor artificial putting greens have been for years used by sportspersons and professional golf enthusiasts during their practice time. The real looking artificial grass also comes handy at places where real grass sprouts with much difficulty. Not to miss is the aesthetic appeal of the artificial greens that provide for your kids and pets to have a gala time amidst the greenery of the artificial grass.

One of the biggest reasons behind the growing demand for the outdoor artificial putting greens is that they do not demand daily maintenance which makes things extremely convenient and easy. The only care that these artificial greens require is to keep the surface clean and clear of rubble and dust which can be done quite expediently using a leaf blower or a simple broom.


  1. It Saves Your Time, Energy and Money.

Real looking artificial grass does not require regular upkeep and maintenance, unlike real grass. No weeding, watering, mowing required to keep the grass looking bright, green and upbeat. This not only saves a lot of your time and energy, it acts as a great saviour of water – a natural resource that is fast drying up on the planet. Moreover, this grass will never require manure and fertilizers in sharp contrast to real grass, saving your money too. With the artificial grass, it is just a one-time buy and installation and it will keep your surroundings look alive and lively for years to come.

  1. Appearance Never Really Dulls Away

With natural grass, things look great when are green and fresh. But as seasons change they change colour, go brown, dry up and even die away. With the outdoor artificial putting greens there are no such issues. They are permanently green in colour – looking intense forever so much so that you would never miss the natural grass anymore. And when the time comes to replace, the process is much simpler and cheaper than replacing the natural grass.


  1. Recycled Artificial Grass Helps Keep the Environment Clean

That’s right! People looking to buy cheap man-made grass can actually buy the recycled grass. By doing so, you also keep the environment clean and tidy.

  1. Toxic-Free, This Grass is Great for Kids and Pets

Real looking artificial grass are never treated with chemicals and fertilisers, as a result, they are harmless when it comes to spreading toxins to your kids and pets or even to the water drainage system.


  1. Eco-Friendly

You do not have to use electricity or gas-powered lawn equipment for maintenance of the artificial grass, this in turn, helps save natural resources and proves to be an eco-friendly product. A simple brush or broom is enough, once in a while to keep them clean.

Things to Take Care while Purchasing the Outdoor Artificial Putting Greens

  • Experienced in-house installation personnel with extensive knowledge for professional installation.
  • Optimal quality of the putting greens. Check whether the fake grass is fire-resistant or not, contains harmful substances or not, is equipped with a natural look and feel good technology.
  • Get as many samples as possible so that you are able to experience the look and feel by placing them over the actual surface forthright.
  • You also need to cross-verify if the manufacturer provides for a warranty and the warranty duration.