Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) indicated itself from the word “LOCAL”. Optimizing your website for local users or optimizing a website for users that are nearby your location. Local SEO helps you to improve your business ranking in your local area as well as make your brand visible on the first page of the local Knowledge graph of Google. If you have a physical address and it is visible on your Google Business profile & your website then users can easily find your location. Its a method of making your website visible for location-based searches on the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Need of Local SEO for Small Businesses?

1: Do you have a small business?
2: Are you offering your services in your surrounding areas only?
3: Do you have a physical address?
4: Don’t want to spend more on online advertising?

If your answer is yes to all the questions mentioned above, then Local SEO is just for you. Today is the era of Digital Advertising. From the pandemic we have faced past year “COVID-19”, the use of digital services are increased very fast. Everyone is trying to promote their business online and users are finding their solution and things of need online as well. So this is the time to bring your business online to increase your profit.

For example, if you are living in Jaipur and planning to renovate your home & don’t have any references then you will start searching for an “Interior Designer in Jaipur” on Google. The first 5 results you see will indicate that they are the best in Interior Designing. And you must open their website or Google Business Profile. The same thing is for their businesses. If you are searching for a solution that is location-based, just like cafes, restaurants, Hotels, Cleaning Services, Doctors, Plumbers, Home Improvement, Lawyers, Auto Dealer, and much more, then Google is the only popular source that most people believe.

What We Offer in Our Local SEO Services?

Local Competitor Analysis

Optimizing Localized Website Content

Promotion in Local Directory

Create, Optimize and Promote Google My Business

Local SEO
Best Local SEO Services
In On-Page Optimization for Local SEO there are the three most important things that are ‘Name, Address, and Phone Number’ generally knowns as “NAP”. Local SEO includes the Business name, Street Address, City, Region, and Country that must be present on your website in a well-maintained format. if you have a business in more than one location then we create the webpages in your website and separates them from other locations.

We submit your website and related information to the high DA local directories that are widely popular. Local SEO depends on the accuracy of NAP that’s why we ensure that every information we are submitting about your business is 100% accurate and authentic.

We also create your Business Listing on popular and genuine websites to improve your online local presence. Getting a high-quality backlink with the well established local directory or website helps to recognize your website as an authentic and trusted point for the respective services.

A piece of wrong information about your business can affect your reputation but don’t worry anymore. BlogtoSEO is here to help you to make your brand popular by correcting those errors and information.

Having a Google My Business (Popularly known as GMB) is the first step to promote your business online locally. It offers you the option to list your business on Google Map and Local search easily. When you search anything the first few results are from Google Maps or Google My Business.

The Main Benefits of Google My Business Listing

1: GMB helps to enhance your website rank and fulfills the customer’s needs in a very easy way.
2: It’s verified by Google itself so it makes your brand trustworthy.
3: Improve your local presence and grow your business in your service areas.
4: Shows your business information like name, street address, phone number, customers reviews, offered services, about your business.
5: The navigation option on Google maps helps customers to reach your physical location easily.
6: You can answer the questions asked by the users easily, and those can read by the other customer also.

At BlogtoSEO, we create, Optimize, and promote your Google My Business profile. We monitor the search queries and inquiries you are getting regularly to maximize your ROI.